The VIII annual international partnering-forum "Life Sciences Invest completed work. Partnering Russia".

On November 14-15 in St. Petersburg there took place the VIII annual international partnering-forum "Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia". This year a forum more than 950 specialists in the field of "sciences about life" (pharmaceutics, biotechnology, radiology and the medical industry) visited, authorities of federal and regional levels, top managers and specialists of the pharmaceutical companies, developers and suppliers of medicines, representatives of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and system of secondary professional education, the scientific and research organizations.

Traditionally business program began with a press breakfast, received this year the name "Pharmaceutical Industry of the Future" where leading experts of the industry, representatives of federal and city authorities, heads of the large pharmaceutical companies and educational institutions met journalists.

Sergey Tsyb, the First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, defined painful points and the directions of development of the industry. According to him, now an important task is strengthening of interaction with medical and medical community on all directions. "It is one of the main tasks without which solution we will not receive an incentive for development of the industry. Therefore our specialists participate in large medical actions for different nozologiya, the medical directions. Such actions are useful as from the point of view of positioning of the companies, opportunities, competences, and active integration with medicine, strengthenings of cooperation with doctors. We actively increase cooperation with doctors, we attract the main participants of a health system – specialists of scientific medical institutes, the chief non-staff specialists of the Ministry of Health, those who create the agenda on medical care, the separate strategic directions, specific groups. It is important to inform specialists, and the population in general that in the country the hi-tech enterprises appeared. In Russia the industrial case according to the most up-to-date international standards which produces complex drugs in all significant therapeutic niches and types of pharmaceutical products forms", - Sergey Tsyb says.

It is necessary to work with popular belief in insolvency of the Russian pharmaceutical industry consistently, Sergey Movchan, the vice governor of St. Petersburg considers. "There is a prejudice that if medicine is made in the territory of Russia, then it is drug not of the best quality. Anything similar! Visiting our leaders – the companies Polisang, Geropharm, Active component, Vertexum, Biokad and others – you see the highest qualitative level of production. Those who were not afraid to invest in production ten years ago, today lifted production of drugs and substances to world level, - Sergey Nikolaevich considers. We have to think of what needs to be made for support of our producers. That it is necessary to make to remove "white spots" the legislation, the medicinal market on the one hand highly profitable, with another – risky".

According to Pyotr Rodionov, the CEO of the GEROPHARM company, in Russia including more active implementation of information systems in health care is necessary. "Implementation of information systems in the future will help to solve a problem of a shortcoming or a surplus of drugs in different regions. During creation of systems of support of adoption of medical decisions electronic recipes and the corresponding databases on the basis of which it is possible to create need of the region with high precision will be entered. It is one of tasks which needs to be solved in the field of health care in the nearest future", - the expert emphasized.

According to Alexander Semenov, the president of the JSC Aktivny Komponent company, now the enterprises of the industry are faced by an ambitious task – increase in production, including export of the Russian pharmaceutical substances. "For its successful decision it is necessary to change significantly the legislative base and to enter specific incentives of development of export". Nevertheless, Alexander Semenov considers the developed market situation in the world favorable loudly to declare oneself.

In the Imperial hall there took place the ceremonial opening of the VIII International partnering-forum "Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia" and a plenary session at which experts discussed transition of the domestic pharmaceutical industry to the global competition.

On behalf of the Chairman of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Valentina Matviyenko of all participants of the forum LSI 2018 the assistant to the chairman Lyudmila Kostkina welcomed. According to the head of Federal Assembly, now all participants of the pharmaceutical market and the Government are faced by a global task of a solution of the problem of availability of medicines.

The vice governor of St. Petersburg Sergey Movchan welcomed participants at the event on behalf of the acting as the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov. He paid attention that during the carrying out the Forum became an important event in business life of the country. "Your action combines authorities and business, leading experts in the field of pharmaceutics and medicine, production of drugs and medical products, - the vice governor of St. Petersburg told. - This year discussion of the Strategy of development of pharmaceutical industry for the period till 2030 will become one of key questions. The agenda is urgent for our city – the recognized leader of this industry in Russia. Today the share of the Northern Capital in the total amount of pharmaceutical production and scientific developments makes more than 20%. The enterprises of the St. Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster release the modern, occasionally not having analogs products, and the city gives them necessary support. The future of Russia, health and wellbeing of our fellow citizens depends on the investments made today".

Success of St. Petersburg as leader of the pharmaceutical industry is in many respects defined by support of the city authorities, Maxim Meyksin, the chairman of Committee on industrial policy and innovations of St. Petersburg considers. "It seems to me, now in the city the unique situation when the industry feels comfortable is created. It both privileges to residents of Special economic zones and special infrastructure preparation of industrial platforms for the pharmaceutical companies where more than ten large-scale projects on construction of the new plants are already realized. In 2019 in general in the city more than 500 medical and pharmaceutical companies will work", - the chairman of KPPI told. A few years ago at the request of pharmaceutical companies the engineering center in the field of synthesis of pharmaceutical substances is created. "It is very important to grant subsidies, but it is more important to give to develop through the market to the companies", - the chairman of Committee considers.

Dmitry Chagin, the chairman of the board of "Association of pharmaceutical producers of the Eurasian Economic Union", noted: "Our Forum is held for the eighth time, being an age-mate of the federal Strategy of development of pharmaceutical industry and, in general, the pharmaceutical industry of Russia at the present stage. Annually we cover the most significant results reflecting perspectives of development of the industry with the main regulators and participants of the pharmaceutical market. Increase in the status of the national regulator - key scope of Strategy of next decade".

Sergey Tsyb, the First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, noted a contribution of St. Petersburg to development of the pharmaceutical industry. "St. Petersburg – one of flagman regions in development of a pharmotrasla. Here science funding, the industries, cooperation between educational and manufacturing enterprises is actively supported. It is pleasant to me that HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS which we supported in due time are in a stage of active growth today. It is obvious that formation of highly qualified personnel – the main richness of the Northern Capital", - Sergey Anatolyevich emphasized.

For the last three years the pharmaceutics shows one of the highest rates of development: in 2014 the output of medicines was a little more than 180 billion rubles, at the end of 2017 – approached 300 billion. "The companies actively invest, develop own portfolios and new competences, opportunities for development of drugs of any nature and complexity", - the first deputy minister of the industry declared.

The most important – the companies provide availability of drugs to residents of our country. In particular, during implementation of the Seven Highspending Nozologiya program, it was succeeded to save about 7 billion rubles from the federal budget at the expense of an exit of the Russian drugs.

According to Pyotr Rodionov, the CEO of the GEROPHARM company today the Day of fight against diabetes is around the world celebrated on November 14. "In eight years the industry considerably changed, other level of productions, other quality of drugs, - he emphasized. In many respects it turned out thanks to Strategy 2020 which on many points is complete ahead of schedule. The most important that we understand how to build our corporate strategy regarding creation of modern competitive productions. It is obvious that the embodiment of Strategy 2020-2030 will demand serious work on our internal divisions. It is a question of competences, any employee has to understand that he creates a global product", - Pyotr Rodionov declared.

In the first day of work of the Forum there were also several serious actions, in addition to thematic and debatable sessions for specialists.

The meeting of Advisory council at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation under the chairmanship of the first deputy minister of discussion of the draft of the Strategy of development of pharmaceutical industry till 2030 became a key event. More than 60 representatives of the largest Russian and international pharmaceutical companies discussed the project of Strategy, special attention was paid to discussion of two key imperatives of Strategy – to development of export of pharmaceutical products and creation of innovative medicines.

Sergey Tsyb emphasized that the Strategy of development of pharmaceutical industry till 2030 is directed to support of the Russian innovative researches, in particular, in pharmaceutics. Special attention in Strategy is paid to the export potential of pharmaceutical products. "The main task of the strategy of development of pharmaceutical industry till 2030 consists in support of the Russian innovative researches. Active participation of the state both in a regulyatorika, and in direct support of carrying out researches in the territory of Russia is planned", - Sergey Tsyb considers.

The second day of the Forum was devoted to thematic sessions at which practical questions of development of the pharmaceutical industry were discussed.

Specialists of the pharmaceutical industry at a thematic session "Investments into Infrastructure and Development of the Hi-tech Companies" spoke about progress and difficulties of development of Special economic zones, effective use of measures of the state support and cooperation. The moderator Tamara Rondaleva, the CEO of JSC Special Economic Zone Sankt-Peterburg, suggested participants of a discussion to share opinion on what measures of support in practice are the most effective and that is necessary for successful start and stable development of projects.

Development of special economic zones – one of the major incentives for growth of the companies, in St. Petersburg the share of the pharmaceutical companies in the SEZ makes more than 40%. "We have a remarkable team which manages the special economic zone. Therefore such number of the companies chooses St. Petersburg as the main location. For example, the BIOCAD company translated all the capacities from Moscow, they found the point, on the one hand – magnificent shots, with another – the SEZ", Dmitry Chagin, the chairman of the board of Association of pharmaceutical producers of the Eurasian Economic Union told.

Actively the pharmaceutical cluster in Tatarstan develops. By 2020 the regional pharmaceutical enterprises plan to bring industrial output to 9,5 billion rubles against 5,7 billion rubles in 2016. "We plan to develop the industry in the region in two directions — involvement of new residents on platforms with special preferential terms of work and increase in volume of research services on the basis of the available scientific educational institutions of the republic with creation of a uniform research platform in the field of pharmaceutics and innovative products of medical prescription", - Albert Gayfullin, the CEO of LLC Pharmmedpolis tells.

According to Dmitry Borisov, the commercial director "NTFF "POLISANG", the companies feel support at the level of St. Petersburg. "At the federal level – the Ministry of the industry and trade helps to receive compensation of a part of expenses on the investment credits".

The exterritorial principles of creation of the cluster organizations are important for support of the companies, participants of a session are sure. Options when the company which is not physically, let us assume, in St. Petersburg is a part of a cluster are possible, signs the agreement and uses preferences. According to participants of the market, participation in the state order is important for the pharmaceutical companies. "On subsidies and support of a pharmotrasla during Strategy implementation of "Pharm of 2020" by the state 200 billion rubles, were allocated for purchases of medicines – more than 4 trillion rubles. The market in exchange for investments", - Dmitry Chagin emphasized.

At a thematic session "The Market of Clinical Trials of Medicines — the Underestimated Export Potential of Russia" in the Imperial hall specialists discussed a country role at the international market and the ten-year strategy of development for the industry.

"For the first time for many years we have a Strategy of development of the market of clinical trials. We decided to apply methods of strategic management: analysis of internal environment, external and international experience. If it is short, then received such results: in Russia high quality of products according to FDA, EMEA; there are highly skilled research centers; political support of non-oil export; the developing growing market of drugs. Rather low service prices of the Russian researchers. But at the same time the low level of knowledge in the countries - sponsors about opportunities of the Russian Federation in the field of clinical trials. Insufficient network of the qualified centers, lack of the road map on entry into the market. Zero marketing, is absent systematic trade-union movement of the Russian Federation as market on production of scientific biomedical information", - Alexey Malikov, the head of department of a transfer of technologies, innovations and intellectual property of Federal State Budgetary Institution SZFMITs im. V.A. Almazova of the Russian Ministry of Health stated. Konstantin Gudkov, the director of clinical trials of the Astra-Zeneka company agrees with the colleague: "In the Russian market a double situation. Our medical centers experienced technically, but from the point of view of the organization of processes – we in the Stone Age. It is difficult to us to receive orders for researches in Russia because our scientists have insufficient weight in medical community, they do not participate in world scientific work, do not know them. At the same time clinical trials are torn off from science. When our scientists begin to act on the congresses, the international companies will begin to listen to them. It is uniform process – a scientific thought and an operational part".

According to Dmitry Kryuchkov, the executive director of LLC Eks seven resech, it is necessary to be engaged in export of qualifications: "I saw only one person who corresponded not to knowledge and abilities, namely qualification, he got an education in the USA and knew all aspects and nuances. At the moment those who are engaged in clinical trials – self-educated persons and are necessary to us highly qualified personnel".

Dmitry Rozhdestvensky, the head of department of coordination of works in the field of drug circulation and medical products of the Euroasian Economic Commission, told about problems of mutual recognition of results of clinical trials. "Drugs which enter the market of the Russian Federation often are not studied up to the end and results do not admit. The file of drug fragmentary is frequent and contains scraps of data. For example, in Russia drug can be used at the extensive list of diseases, and in Belarus – the list is much less and the direction of treatment by this medicine absolutely others".

In the Gold drawing room with assistance of the MSD of Pharmasyyutikals company there passed the round table "The city without infections - cooperation of the state, business and specialists". Specialists and members of the media discussed necessary actions for improvement of an epidemiological situation.

By data, which were presented by Irina Friedman, the senior research associate of department of prevention of infectious diseases of Research institute of children's infections of Federal Medical Biological Agency, incidence of children in St. Petersburg exceeds average Russian. "The maximum incidence is the share of group of 3-6 summer children, at 5-6% of the diseased complications, from them 30% - neurologic develop. For the last 7 years hospitalization of children with complications of chicken pox, including neurologic - 12-17 cases of encephalitis annually increased.

According to the program, in the city vaccination against some infections which are already included in the National calendar of preventive inoculations can extend. For example, vaccination against whooping cough, incidence of which in St. Petersburg exceeds average Russian. Especially hard kids about one year have whooping cough, sometimes it leads to a lethal outcome. Now by 6-7 years children remain unprotected from an infection as the immunity created by a vaccine comes to an end. Therefore it is necessary to begin early immunization of children, and also to revaktsinatsinirovat them at 6-7-year age that now is impossible within the National calendar".

Specialists also told about need to expand possibilities of the vaccination against infections provided in the National calendar according to epidemic indications (a meningococcal infection, chicken pox, a rotavirusny infection, a viral hepatitis And, a pneumococcal infection for people of advanced age and an endemic tick-borne encephalitis).

Participants of a meeting drafted the draft resolution "The City without Infections" in which it is offered to expand the existing programs of vaccination, including to begin to impart from the virus of papilloma of the person (VPP), to improve safety of prevention, using modern vaccines and to improve skills of medics in this sphere.

As the official partner of the Forum the Helikon Company, producer and the supplier of the laboratory equipment and expendables for molecular and cellular biology thanks to which the session in one of the most perspective and difficult directions of development of new drugs – to biomedical cellular products (BMKP) was organized acted.

"Several years we together with regulators, developers, institutes, medical institutions take part in formation of approaches to legislative regulation of standards of the address of biomedical cellular products. We are very glad that from separate private discussions of serious questions with each link of a chain of creation and production of BMKP, we moved to absolutely new level of understanding of a perspective. It is promoted by participation of representatives of the Ministry of the industry and trade, the Ministry of Health, specialists of the leading medical institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

The accumulated experience, understanding of perspectives of development of the market, presence of professionals in our team allow to declare themselves as about the leader, ready to become the reliable partner for all links of a chain in creation, production and use of biomedical cellular products. It is necessary to build close interaction between the highest educational, scientific and medical institutions, production companies, in the subsequent preparation of medical preventive institutions for use of the latest cellular developments. Works it is necessary much. Let's begin already here, at the Forum!" - the commercial director of LLC Company Helikon Ekaterina Vinogradova told.

During the Forum several cooperation agreements were signed. In particular, the Memorandum of cooperation between the "Union of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Clusters" non-profit partnership combining the leading pharmaceutical clusters of Russia and "Association of support and development of pharmaceutical activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan" is signed. Also the Union of clusters signed the memorandum with CJSC Scientific Center of Examination of Drugs and Medical Technologies of a Name of the Academician Emil Gabriyelyan of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia.

These agreements, in addition to specific arrangements between the parties on joint actions, confirm development of the uniform market of drug circulation within the Eurasian Economic Union.

The cooperation agreement between the public budgetary non-standard educational institution "Academy of Digital Technologies" of St. Petersburg and federal state-funded educational institution of the higher education "St. Petersburg state chemical and pharmaceutical university" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is also signed.

Directly for St. Petersburg this agreement marks a new stage in integration of the pharmaceutical industry not only into system of the highest, but also secondary and additional education. Implementation of information technologies and principles of the Industry 4.0 has to begin as soon as possible, providing the reliable base of training of specialists for development of high-tech industries.

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