Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia. Results - 2019

On November 7-8 in Talion Imperial hotel there took place the IX International forum "Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia". This year the action brought together more than 700 participants. More than 200 speakers participated in sessions.

On the eve of opening of the Forum, on November 6, 2019, the ceremonial opening of the scientific and technological center (STC) of the company "NTFF "POLISANG" - the unique platform for the development of innovative domestic medicines equipped with the most modern equipment for use of the advanced scientific technologies was held.

Opening of the center will allow to bring process of development of domestic innovative medicines to new level. The vice governor of St. Petersburg Eugeny Elin, the chairman of committee on industrial policy, innovations and trade of St. Petersburg Yury Kalabin, the CEO of LLC NTFF POLISANG Alexander Borisov, the director of science of LLC NTFF POLISANG Alexey Kovalenko participated in the opening ceremony.

The ninth forum became record by quantity of the declared subjects. The range of traditionally discussed questions in the field of sciences of life this year for the first time was continued by topical issues of the food industry. Representatives of federal and city authorities, heads of the companies and educational institutions, leading experts discussed development of a health system, pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetic, food and allied industries of the industry, including development of the concept of personnel policy of the Cluster of medical, pharmaceutical industry and radiation technologies of St. Petersburg. Speakers of an action presented to the analyst of the market, summed up the preliminary results of 2019 and told about perspectives of development of the industries.

Development of industrial policy of St. Petersburg in the field of food technologies became a subject of a starting action - a press breakfast-. On it experts shared plans about transformations which will be able to increase quality of life and wellbeing of Petersburgers. At the "Implementation of the New Principles of Provision of Medicines" session speakers were almost unanimous in opinion on need of cardinal changes in the legislation in the field of provision of medicines.

This year the forum was supported by the companies from the different industries of the market. In total 150 companies from St. Petersburg, Moscow, other cities of Russia, and also from Finland, Germany, China, Kazakhstan participated in events of a forum.

The BIOKAD company, at the "Development of Personnel Potential of the Pharmaceutical Industry" session Maria Petrova became one of key partners of a forum, the head of the HR department of JSC BIOCAD shared practical decisions in questions of the personnel policy admitted to the companies, having submitted the strategy of development for new generation of scientific and production shots.

More than two hours questions of implementation of effective control systems of quality, successful preparation of drug for a conclusion to the markets of EEU and the EU, perspective of development of Real World Evidence in Russia on a round table "Clinical trials were discussed. Perspectives of development of the industry in the conditions of transition to the uniform market of EEU". Specialists of the X7 Research company told about appropriate practice of a pharmakonadzor in the Russian Federation and EEU, implementation of effective control systems of quality. Representatives of X7 Clinical Research told about criteria of effective interaction of the research center and CRO. The area manager "Alpha Strakhovaniye" Ivan Lypin told about insurance protection and non-standard cases at insurance of clinical trials.

The second year acts as the partner of a forum "the Company Helikon". The questions discussed at the thematic session organized by it concerned use of modern genomic and cell technologies in biomedical researches, the bioindustry and other areas.

At a thematic session "The current state and a vector of development of genomic technologies in Russia." experts told perspectives of creation of domestic biomedical cellular goods and drugs for gene therapy about the last achievements of domestic and foreign science in the field of full-genomic sequenation, editing DNA and creation of gene-modified cellular products.

Also questions of state regulation of use of these technologies in applied medicine did not remain unaddressed.

And interesting the session with participation of the partner of a forum - Pharmimeks companies "Development of the market of orphan medicines" became very subject, Inga Nizharadze, the vice-president of the company moderated a meeting. During the discussion the expert community noted several key points necessary for increase in provision of medicines of patients. In particular, it is offered to allocate in system of provision of medicines a separate segment of orphan drugs in view of specifics them to registration, pricing and the admission for the market. It is also necessary to develop the normative and legal base improving an order of provision of medicines taking into account integration into the existing system of drug circulation.

For the first time in the history of a forum, within the thematic session "Implementation of the federal project "Fight against Oncological Diseases", is carried out a teleconference. The Russian specialists from Germany discussed problems with providing with antineoplastic drugs with colleagues.

Creation of the Park of live systems (Life Sciences Park) in Technopark of St. Petersburg and development of border cooperation with Finland was considered at the international session. Elizabeth Brikovskis, the chief expert of the foreign trade activities direction of Alfa-Bank which acted as the partner of a forum told about what it is important to consider, beginning work on export how to make an action plan not to violate the law, shared life hacks of search of reliable international partners and presented to participants of a forum an exclusive product of bank on entry into the international markets.

The subject of development of food technologies became the separate track "Life Sciences Invest". Experts discussed a new vector of development of industrial policy of St. Petersburg, spoke about fair competition and measures for quality control of products.

In the "Fair Competition and Measures for Quality Control in the Food Industry" session questions of assessment and control of indicators of quality and safety of food products were brought up. Providing conditions of fair competition and reduction of quantity of the substandard products which are traded on the market stimulates participants of the market, to follow consumer trends, satisfying their requirements, in particular "Healthy lifestyle". Tatyana Zlobina, the CEO of LLC Mit Star - the partner of a forum took part in work of a session. The LLC Mit Star company submitted the report "Gluten – a trend or need" in which successful experience of a conclusion of gluten from technological processes by production of meat products is reflected. "Meath Is old" became the first among the meat-processing enterprises of Russia who completely passed to production of bezglyutenovy products, all products conform to the AOECS Standard. On a round table "Development of personnel potential of the food industry: calls and perspectives" heads of educational institutions expressed desire and readiness to cooperate with the food industry.

Within a round table "Approaches to the organization of preclinical trials of the status of GLP" combined leading experts in the field of experimental medicine, preclinical trials and veterinary supervision. Need of increase in a share of domestic production of veterinary drugs, level of credibility to the test centers, need of implementation risk - the oriented approach at their audit was designated and it is emphasized that requirements of GLP of EEU do not provide need of licensing of preclinical trials as type of activity and preparation of an inspectorate of GLP. High-quality planning of preclinical trials - guarantee of decrease in economic risks at further development of drug.

Within the special session "Strategy of development for the park of the medical equipment. Providing a life cycle" Andrey Dominov, the director of work with large corporate customers of the Alpha Leasing group of companies - the partner of a forum – shared information on subtleties of transactions within leasing of the medical equipment. So, since 2017 leasing payments on the medical equipment are not assessed with the VAT.

The forum came to the end with celebration of century of chemical and pharmaceutical university. In the State academic chapel the ceremonial enlarged meeting of the Academic council of SPGHFU took place. The graduate of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION Valentina Matviyenko, the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation congratulated on anniversary of teachers and students. The state and departmental awards handed to the staff of university, and students and teachers submitted the creative program.

"This year we managed to organize the most representative forum and to organize the qualitative, full business program which will allow to take one more step to development not only the pharmaceutical market. To us there arrived a large number of speakers – scientists with a world name, representatives executive and legislature, regulating the industry. The following stage of development of industrial policy and focus on investments into the food industry became one of the subjects discussed on LSI. Thus, one more step to formation in Russia of uniform system of regulation to which food stuffs, veterinary drugs, medicines for a medical use and perfumery and cosmetic products will belong is taken. It is our purpose for the next years", - Dmitry Chagin, the director of the Union "Medico-pharmaceutical projects summed up the results of LSI. 21st century".

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