PharmaPharm: association of experts started in FBU "The State Institute of Medicines and Ought the Practician"

On October 31, 2018 the first meeting of representatives of the PharmaPharm portal with its future active participants took place. The start of association of experts began in FBU "GILS and NP" Minpromtorg of Russia which gives invaluable expert support on extent of the entire period of development of the website. Anna Plesovskikh, the managing partner of PharmaPharm, for the first time presented the user presentation for experts in which the functionality of resource, system of rating of trust of experts and opportunity for different categories of users of the portal is in detail stated.

The expert organizations which are taking part in work of the integrated pharmaceutical portal will have special exclusive position which will allow them to answer questions of participants of expert community, to give help in moderation of the user activity, to have open access to unique expert materials. The same rights on the website will be had by representatives of regulators and pharmaceutical associations who according to the status are already recognized experts on pharmaceutical market.

"Inspectors of FBU "of GILS and NP" have deep understanding of the organization of pharmaceutical production in Russia and abroad, are authoritative experts in the field of GMP inspection. In the pharmaceutical industry there are always open questions on which it is difficult to give unambiguously correct answer. PharmaPharm is excellent opportunity to each expert to express the position or to lift the subject concerning him in open form, to regularly impart the accumulated experience with the industry", - noted during the discussion Natalia Chadova, the head of department of inspection of production of medicines and examination of FBU "GILS and NP".

During discussion of opportunities of the portal representatives of FBU "GILS and NP" learned that the rating system is developed for other categories of users of the portal: depending on activity on the website and level of credibility of expert community to the published materials, participants get points which give the chance to raise the expert's grade on the portal and by that to open access to new opportunities of the website. The highest level — "The Guru of Pharmapharm" – gives the chance to get access to unique materials of the website and to directly ask question to regulators and expert to the organizations.

Particular interest of participants of meeting was attracted by information on creation of the partner network PharmaPharm including the international trade publications and the expert organizations. The materials recognized the best by expert community in the portal will apply for the press in other sources, including from the VAK list that will promote increase in activity on the website and to accumulation of unique examination.

"At present we are aimed at expansion of partner network, our expert community which regulators including the international representatives, the local and global expert organizations, pharmaceutical associations, leading experts and industry mass media will enter. Thus, PharmaPharm has to become the keeper of serious, deep, specialized information — unique content that will promote merging of all pharmaceutical community and development of the industry in general", - Anna Plesovskikh, the managing partner of PharmaPharm commented.


The federal budgetary institution "The State Institute of Medicines and Ought the Practician" (FBU "GILS and NP") is subordinated establishment of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The institute was founded in 1973. More than 40 years the Institute is large research base in the field of pharmacy.

Also since 2013 "GILS and NP" is accredited by FBU as the expert organization involved in license control of the pharmaceutical enterprises as a part of the commission of Minpromtorg of Russia. In 2015 "GILS and NP" is authorized by FBU for conducting inspection of producers of medicines for medical application which production is carried out outside the Russian Federation, on compliance to requirements of the rules GMP for issue of the conclusions about compliance of the producer of medicines to requirements of rules of good manufacturing practice.

"The integrated pharmaceutical portal" PharmaPharm" is expert platform for professional communication and interaction of representatives of the pharmaceutical industry with regulatory bodies. PharmaPharm will allow professional community to look at questions of development of the pharmaceutical industry in a new way. The portal is constructed so that any visitor could subscribe for news, participate in polls, look through content of open part of the website and share it on social networks. At the same time registration on the website gives the status of the participant – opportunity to create own card of the user and to exchange personal messages with other participants of the portal. To join the portal as the expert participating in system of rating anyone can. For this purpose it is enough to put tick "to Become the Expert of PharmaPharm" at registration or in personal account.

The release of the integrated pharmaceutical portal PharmaPharm will take place in November, 2018.