"Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia": The second day

Today, on November 15, 2018, "Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia" was devoted to thematic sessions at which practical questions of development of the pharmaceutical industry were discussed.

"Market in exchange for investments"

Specialists of the pharmaceutical industry at thematic session "Investments into Infrastructure and Development of the Hi-tech Companies" spoke about progress and difficulties of development of special economic zones, effective use of measures of the state support and cooperation. At the beginning of the session the moderator Tamara Rondaleva, the CEO of JSC Special Economic Zone Sankt-Peterburg, suggested participants of discussion to share opinion on what measures of support in practice are the most effective and that is necessary for successful start and stable development of projects.

Development of special economic zones – one of the major incentives for growth of the companies, in St. Petersburg the share of the pharmaceutical companies in the SEZ makes more than 40%. "We have remarkable team which manages the special economic zone. Therefore such number of the companies chooses St. Petersburg as the main location. For example, the BIOCAD company translated all the capacities from Moscow, they found the point, on the one hand – magnificent shots, with another – the SEZ", Dmitry Chagin, the chairman of the board of Association of pharmaceutical producers of the Eurasian Economic Union told.

Actively the pharmaceutical cluster in Tatarstan develops. By 2020 the regional pharmaceutical enterprises plan to bring industrial output to 9,5 billion rubles against 5,7 billion rubles in 2016. "We plan to develop the industry in the region in two directions — involvement of new residents on platforms with special preferential terms of work and increase in volume of research services on the basis of the available scientific educational institutions of the republic with creation of uniform research platform in the field of pharmaceutics and innovative products of medical appointment", - Albert Gayfullin, the CEO of LLC Pharmmedpolis tells.

According to Dmitry Borisov, the commercial director "NTFF "POLISANG", the companies feel support at the level of the territorial subject of the federation. "At the federal level – the Ministry of the industry and trade helps to receive compensation of part of expenses on the investment credits".

The exterritorial principles of creation of the cluster organizations are important for support of the companies, participants of session say. Options when the company which they are not physically, let us assume, in St. Petersburg is part of cluster are possible, signs the agreement and uses preferences. According to participants of the market, participation in the state order is important for the pharmaceutical companies. "On subsidies and support of pharmotrasla by the state 200 billion rubles, were allocated for purchases of medicines – more than 4 trillion rubles. The market in exchange for investments", - Dmitry Chagin emphasized.

"We have strategy of development of the market of clinical trials"

In the Imperial hall specialists discussed country role at thematic session "The Market of Clinical Trials of Medicines — the Underestimated Export Potential of Russia" in international market and the ten-year strategy of development for the industry.

"For the first time for many years we have strategy of development of the market of clinical trials. We decided to apply methods of strategic management: analysis of internal environment, external and international experience. If it is short, then received such results: in Russia high quality of products according to FDA, EMEA; there are highly skilled research centers; political support of non-oil export; the developing growing market of drugs. Rather low service prices of the Russian researchers. But at the same time the low level of knowledge in the countries - sponsors about opportunities of the Russian Federation in the field of clinical trials. Insufficient network of the qualified centers, lack of the road map on entry into the market. Zero marketing, is absent systematic trade-union movement of the Russian Federation as market on production of scientific biomedical information", - Alexey Malikov, the head of department of transfer of technologies, innovations and intellectual property of Federal State Budgetary Institution SZFMITs im. V.A. Almazova of the Russian Ministry of Health stated. Konstantin Gudkov, the director of clinical trials of the Astra-Zeneka company agrees with the colleague: "In the Russian market double situation. Our medical centers experienced technically, but from the point of view of the organization of processes – we in the Stone Age. It is difficult to us to receive orders for researches in Russia because our scientists have insufficient weight in medical community, they do not participate in world scientific work, do not know them. At the same time clinical trials are torn off from science. When our scientists begin to act on the congresses, the international companies will begin to listen to them. It is uniform process – scientific thought and operational part".

According to Dmitry Kryuchkov, the executive director of LLC Eks seven resech, it is necessary to be engaged in export of qualifications. "I saw only one person who corresponded not to knowledge and abilities, namely qualification, he got education in the USA and knew all aspects and nuances. At the moment those who are engaged in clinical trials – self-educated persons and are necessary to us highly qualified personnel".

Dmitry Rozhdestvensky, the head of department of coordination of works in the field of drug circulation and medical products of the Euroasian Economic Commission, told about problems of mutually recognition of results of clinical trials. "Medicines which enter the market of the Russian Federation often are not studied up to the end and results do not admit. The file of medicine fragmentary is frequent and contains scraps of data. For example, in Russia medicine can be used at the extensive list of diseases, and in Belarus – the list is much less and the direction of treatment by this medicine absolutely others".

Round table "The city without infections - cooperation of the state, business and specialists" In the Gold drawing room with assistance of the MSD Pharmasyyutikal company there passed the round table "The city without infections - cooperation of the state, business and specialists". Specialists and members of the media discussed necessary actions for improvement of epidemiological situation.

By data, which were presented by Irina Friedman, the senior research associate of department of prevention of infectious diseases of Research institute of children's infections of Federal Medical Biological Agency, incidence of children in St. Petersburg exceeds average Russian. "Maximum it is the share of group of 3-6 summer children at 5-6% of the diseased complications, from them 30% - neurologic develop. For the last 7 years according to city hospitals (ДИБ№5 and Federal State Budgetary Institution DNK TSIB FMBA of Russia) hospitalization of children with complications of chicken pox, including neurologic - 12-17 cases of encephalitis annually increased. Annual economic costs of chicken pox make more than 500 thousand rubles", - Irina Friedman says.

Ilya Fomintsev, executive director of "Fund of prevention of cancer": "According to VCIOM, about advantage or harm of inoculations of people recognizes from the doctor, at the same time 25% of doctors, by personal observations, neutrally or are negative to vaccination". It is possible to solve problem consecutive educational work with patient and medical community.

Besides, participants of round table made the decision on creation of the resolution and the appeal to Legislative Assembly and the Federation Council with the offer on inclusion in national calendar of inoculations of vaccines from meningokokk, whooping cough, rotavirus.


Within "Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia", today, was signed the cooperation agreement between the Public budgetary non-standard educational institution "Academy of Digital Technologies" of St. Petersburg and federal state-funded educational institution of the higher education "St. Petersburg state chemical and pharmaceutical university" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for development of the educational and professional orientation directions of interactions.