In anticipation of one of significant for the pharmaceutical industry of event – partnering – forum "Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia" - there will take place the press conference with participation of authorities, experts and leaders of the market

On November 7, 2018, Media center of the Government of St. Petersburg, Nevsky Ave., 66. Beginning at 12:00
In 2012 the St. Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster was created. Today in it 165 companies, 30 research institutes and educational institutions work. Over the last 5 years participants of cluster invested more than 3 billion rubles in researches and developments, development of innovative infrastructure.

LSI248Ha of the territory of St. Petersburg are concentrated key players of the market of pharmaceutical production today. Here the companies having huge potential develop. Only in 2018 in St. Petersburg three projects on production of substances and medicines of full cycle started.

Not only production, but also scientific potential of the industry develops. So, on the basis of the St. Petersburg state chemical and pharmaceutical university the center of preclinical researches, the center of quality control, GMP training the center is over the past few years created.

Speakers of action will acquaint with market analytics, will sum up the results of 2018 and will tell about perspectives of development of the industry.

To participation in press conference are invited:

Maxim Meyksin, chairman of Committee on industrial policy and innovations of St. Petersburg, Zakhar Golant, chairman of the board of the Union "Medico-pharmaceutical projects. 21st century",
Dmitry Chagin, chairman of the board of "Association of pharmaceutical producers of the Eurasian Economic Union",
Tamara Rondaleva, general direktor of JSC Osobaya ekonomicheskaya zona,
Yulia Ilyinova, vice rector for study FGBOU of VO SPHFU of the Russian Ministry of Health,
Georgy Pobelyansky, general direktor, JSC VERTEKS.

Conducting press conferences there is Dmitry Chagin.