Greetings to the participants and organizers of the Forum

Yury Yuryevich

Chairman of Committee
on industrial policy,
to innovations and trade of St. Petersburg.

Dear friends!

I welcome organizers, guests and participants of the Forum Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia

Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia, one of the most large-scale actions of pharmaceutical industry in Eastern Europe, is carried out in St. Petersburg for the ninth time. This some kind of recognition of that huge work by pharmaceutical community which is done in the Northern Capital, with participation of authorities, companies and scientific organizations. Formation of a successful high-tech industry which provides the needs for medicines of Petersburgers and residents of other cities of the country became its result.

In St. Petersburg the considerable resources allowing to develop effectively medicine and pharmaceutics at qualitatively new level are saved up. The research centers of the different industries of knowledge, research institutes in the field of medicine, the centers of collective use providing a scientific backlog for the advanced developments successfully work in the city.

The business program of the Forum is devoted to discussion of key aspects of the national Health care project, including need of formation of a new technological platform of medicine, widespread introduction of information technologies, use of the last achievements in the field of biotechnology and genetics. It is convinced that Life Sciences Invest will become the good platform for consolidation of efforts of public authorities, medical community, representatives of business, the medical science necessary for implementation of the tasks and search of answers to new calls which rise before health care, the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

I wish to organizers and participants of the Forum of fruitful work, useful meetings and interesting contacts.

Chairman of Committee on industrial policy and innovations of St. Petersburg.

Kalabin Y. Y.