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In the second day of the IX annual international partnering-forum "Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia" participants discussed a wide range of questions – from the park of the medical equipment before protection of intellectual property. Besides, today, on November 8, within the forum there takes place the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the oldest chemical and pharmaceutical university of Russia – SPHFU.

Development of the sector of the food industry in St. Petersburg are ready to support the government, business and scientific community. This subject became one of the main tracks of a forum.

Tamara Rondaleva, the CEO of JSC SEZ Sankt-Peterburg, assured producers: "Today the pharmaceutical companies which actively develop in the special economic zone are key taxpayers both in federation, and to the region. A further trend of our development – orientation on the companies which work in the food sphere".

On a round table "Development of personnel potential of the food industry: calls and perspectives" Igor Narkevich, д.ф.н., professor, the rector FGBOU VO SPHFU of the Russian Ministry of Health, told about perspectives of cooperation with the food industry: "The university is ready to develop the new directions for education within master and postgraduate programs, or within additional education. Cooperation with the food industry expands competences of our specialists which plan to work in a retail. We have a mass of a common ground, beginning from preparation of raw materials and quality control. Besides, we are interested in that our graduates had ampler opportunities of employment".

At a session "Development of technical requirements to production of HP: current trends and regulatory expectations" experts analyzed a full cycle of a pharmproizvodstvo: how to secure the company against low-quality contractors, to design the project corresponding requirements of GMP and not to lose in competitive fight. "Now entrance cost on the market, on the one hand, with another - a problem grows in emergence of inexpensive and low-quality products. The decision on obligatory audit of the plants will allow to reduce partially a share of these products", - Alexander Semenov, the president of JSC Aktivny Komponent says.

Moderator of a thematic session "Pharmaceutics and intellectual property: problems and ways of their decision" Vitaly Kastalsky suggested participants to discuss not only the right and pharmaceutics, but also balance of private and public interests. Ivan Bliznets, the rector of the Russian state Academy of intellectual property, is convinced: "Presence of not patented drugs or refusal of patenting conducts to the fact that the market is filled with goods which do not meet the requirements. And it is health hazard and lives of our fellow citizens. And protection of intellectual property is, including, an opportunity to stop a flow of counterfeit products".

Nevertheless, often the producer, having patented medicine, establishes it is unavailable the prices, high for the mass consumer. "The problem demands an integrated approach, - Dmitry Zaytsev, the deputy director for intellectual property of JSC Pharmstandart says. Today the draft of the resolution according to which the prices of the drugs entering the list of VED have to be reviewed is introduced to the government. After adoption of the document the prices will fall". Nikolay Lyskov managing department of Federal institute of industrial property of Federal Service for Intellectual Property agrees with the colleague: "The measures connected with regulation and drug circulation are at a stage of approval and will be presented for discussion soon. We will debug the mechanism, it will work".

One of key criteria for evaluation of work of medical institution - a condition of the medical equipment, and also quality and level of its service. Spoke about it at a thematic session "The strategy of development for the park of the medical equipment. Providing a life cycle" as which moderator Elena Kirilenko, the member of presidium of the St. Petersburg department of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the CEO of LLC KELEANZ Medikal acted. Leasing can be alternative option of providing medical institution with the high-quality equipment with already included service. Andrey Dominov, the sales director told Alpha leasing about it: "We offer leasing of the expensive equipment "turnkey", with a possibility of work with zero balance that is convenient for public institutions. Besides, leasing is more favorable than the credit as there is a legalized depreciation coefficient that considerably reduces taxable base".

Creation of the Park of live systems (Life Sciences Park) in Technopark of St. Petersburg and development of border cooperation with Finland was discussed and a framework of the international session. "The Russian Federation and the EU created unique quadrilateral policy of northern measurement - nature protection partnership, partnership in the field of transport and logistics, culture, public health care and welfare. The park of live systems – new and very important project in the context of improvement of life in the region and to stimulate creation of new projects, to implement improvements", - Dmitry Lanko, the associate professor of the European researches of faculty of the international relations of ST.PETERSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY told. "We hope that the project will create the directions of development not only infrastructure, but also new clusters in the field of Life Sciences, will create opportunities for exchange of technologies, hi-tech jobs", - Valentina Chaplinskaya, the coordinator of large infrastructure projects of the Russia — South East Finland program added.

The business program of a forum came to the end with celebration of century of chemical and pharmaceutical university. In the State academic chapel the ceremonial enlarged meeting of the Academic council of the St. Petersburg state chemical and pharmaceutical university took place today. The graduate of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION Valentina Matviyenko, the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation congratulated on anniversary of teachers and students. The state and departmental awards handed to the staff of university, and students and teachers submitted the creative program.

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